Why Don’t Other Manufacturers Make Bars Like StartSmart?

The large food companies are focused on optimizing profit margin. Making a high quality nutrition bar requires expensive ingredients and careful manufacturing processes. These things cost money. Shareholders simply won’t accept products with lower margins than those items already on the market. It’s easier for the giant food conglomerates to use marketing buzz-words like “natural” and “organic” than to make products that are really good for you. In fact, the food industry has lobbied successfully to ensure that “natural” and “organic” mean almost the exact opposite of what you might think. For example, “natural flavorings” simply means “industrially manufactured artificial flavorings derived from corn feedstock” and “organic” means “grown under conditions defined by the agricultural industry lobby.” Even something as apparently honest as “whole grain” can mean “the flour used in this product is mostly bleached white flour but twelve percent came from whole grain flour.”


Imagine great-tasting foods that contain all the essential nutrients needed for kids to do better at school, for working adults to be sharper at work, and for seniors to preserve memory function.

Imagine foods formulated on the best available scientific research and clinical data, using natural ingredients to give your brain every essential compound required for enhanced cognitive function. Imagine if you could buy meal replacement bars, pancake mixes, drinks, shakes and mousses that can deliver what the brain needs for optimal performance today and far into the future.

That’s StartSmart.